We have completely reinvented our Juices and Smoothies

  1. Cold-press

    The benefits of our raw juices from organic vegetables is that they have only a trace of fibers, because our vegetables are cold-pressed. Thus a much faster absorption of these essential elements for our health. Furthermore, it gives our digestive system a rest.

  2. Raw & biological juices

    Including juices of raw vegetables in our everyday diet is the ideal antidote to toxins, apart from neutralizing acids and maintaining our blood alkaline level. Our fruit juices are made from only whole fruits.

  3. We use Chia

    The seeds of sage chia come from South America, are gluten-free and contain more antioxidants than the cornflower, apart from being high in fiber and proteins. With a protein ratio of 16 to 23%, they surpass wheat (14,7 %) and corn (14 %). They are also rich in lipids and contain a strong proportion of omega 3 acid.

  4. PHPH Technology

    Our juices are then immediately bottled and high-pressure hydrostatic processed (HPP), in a cold environment.

    The high pressure destroys any pathogens that are present, while increasing shelf life.

    Thanks to HPP processing, the shelf life of our juices is 45 days.

Juicing steps

Product of Quebec
Product is preserved by the Pascalisation technique

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