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Raw Energy

We all know that the convenience foods that we eat every day, are not what our body appreciates most. We all know that fruits and vegetables contain most of the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes necessary and essential to good health.

We also know that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, can reduce the risks of certain types of cancers.

To include the juice of raw vegetables in our every day diet, is the ideal antidote to toxins, besides neutralizing acids and maintaining an ideal alkaline ratio in the bloodstream.

The benefits of our raw organic vegetable juices are that we have only the smallest amount of fibers, because our vegetables are cold-pressed. Thus a much faster absorption by our body, of these essential elements to our good health. Furthermore, it allows our digestive system to rest.

Our Smoothies and natural Fruit juices, are made from whole fruits only.


Cold-pressing vegetables extracts only the juice of vegetable leaves.

Our fruit or vegetable juices are never subjected to heat processing (a.k.a pasteurization, unlike most other juices on the market). This guarantees the purest and most natural juices on the market. We use no preservatives in our products.

Only raw natural fruits or vegetables.

Pressage de jus à froid

HPP Avure

Our juices are then immediately bottled and high-pressure hydrostatic processed (HPP), in a cold environment.

The high pressure destroys any pathogens that are present, while increasing shelf life.

Thanks to HPP processing, the shelf life of our juices is 45 days.

Embouteillage PHPH

Product of Quebec
Product is preserved by the Pascalisation technique

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